One of the most significant points of the city of Madrid.

The four towers are a singular reference in the city and they constitute the CTBA (Cuatro Torres Business Area) of Madrid.

Before the intervention this area was the land of the Real Madrid’s Sport City and nowadays is composed of four towers, which are the highest towers of Spain. All of them were built between 2004 and 2007 and are around 250 metres the tall one (Torre Caja Madrid) and 223 the small one (Torre Espacio).

Torre caja madrid

Designed by the famous architect Norman Foster, is the higher tower of Spain with 250 metres tall.

At first, it should be the Repsol head office but finally it belongs to Caja Madrid. It is formed by 45 levels.

torre de cristal

The architect of this tower is the Argentinian César Pelli, who also built Petronas Tower in Malasia.

This tower is the second higher tower in Spain and the fourth one in Europe with 249 metres distributed into 52 levels.
In the upper level the tower has a 600 squared metres vertical green area with more than 24000 species.

torre sacyr

Nowadays called PwC Tower, is the third higher tower of Spain and the fifht in Europe. Is the only tower of the complex built by Spanish architects, Andrés Rubio Carvajal and Enrique Álvarez-Sala Walter.

There are 45 levels , in wich 31 of them are occupied by the luxurious Eurostars Madrid Tower Hotel. The upper level is a restaurant.


This tower, designed by the architect Henry N. Cobb, is the small one of the complex with its 223 metres tall.

All the levels are different and the form of its facade responds to the geometrical function y = cos (x)