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Our first part of the exercice of Proyectos I is about Madrid Río; the importance of river Manzanares on the dairy life.

In my case, I worked with another girl, Sandra (http://aosarchitecture.wordpress.com/) and we had studied the perceptions on the river, the way people feel on it. We have tried to analize the five senses, it is: sight, noise, smell, taste and touch sense.

So with this difficult objective we began one by one making diagrams and sketches of this area.


Sight Sense: What do you perceive when you pass along Madrid Río? Where are the significant places along it?. Madrid Río as the axis of the city.The main points of view in Madrid Río, also are marked the green areas, the cafeterias and the differents flows all along the river.


Noise Sense: Are the noises in Madrid Río irritating for its users? Where are the most pleasant zones? Main noises areas in Manzanares.


Smell Sense: How does the river smell? The differents smells of the area depending on the element near it.


Taste Sense: Which are the savors of Madrid Río? The position of the main cafeterias and the relation between the flows of the river and the savors.


Touch Sense: Temperatures along the river area. Influence of textures.

After this exercice, the aim is design a tower in a plot of Madrid Río, next to La Riviera.

We have began this part of the exercice before Easter and the next post will sum up the first proposals for it.