Easter as the moment to know the architecture of a typical Spanish village.

Jerez de los Caballeros is a village located in Badajoz, Extremadura (Spain).

Here is the place where I spent this Easter. And I’ve taken the most of my time to know how is this place, the treasures of its architecture, the magnificence of its churchs, the beauty of its processions (declared Interés Turístico Regional)  and its culture.

This is a brief summary of the architecture of this zone. So the most important here are the cathedrals. There are 4 churchs and they were built around XV.

Santa Catalina. A Gothic Chruch built on XV century. The facade is from later XVIII, with a baroque style, a little classicistic. It has a rectangular plan with a ribbed vault.

San Miguel. As the previous church, it has a initial Gothic Style with some elements of Baroque Style, like the portico or the chapel.

San Bartolomé. Gothic Style with Baroque influence. All the facade is Baroque.

Santa María de la Encarnación. It was built in the place of a previous Visigothic Temple. It consists of Latin Cross plan with three naves and a solid aspect.