In dense urban areas, there’s often nowhere to build but up, an approach that the clever team at Istanbul-based architectural firm Superpool is applying not only to its new residential housing concept, but to the vertical building faces it is allocating for a new kind of green space.A topsy-turvy variant on a “green roof” is a key, and striking, element of the design for Dragos Towers, a pair of high-rise dwellings planned for the Asian side of Istanbul, overlooking the Marmara Sea and the Prince’s Islands. Connected by a “valley of garden units” on the ground floor, the towers would have apartment units facing out toward the sea view, leaving their back walls a blank canvas on which to grow a full coat of vegetation or install solar panels.

Other Superpool designs that aim to bring more green space to Istanbul’s urban sprawl include the Bayrampaşa Mall & Residence, with its landscaped terraces. The firm’s Konya Residence project for the central Anatolian city of the same name would likewise increase both views and green space:

In the context of a rapidly growing city with a diminishing heritage of fruit groves and vines, Konya Residences aims to make green space as important to the life of the residents as the buildings themselves.